Away with the fairies

24 June is International Fairy Day. This day falls during the holiday of Midsummer, which is associated with the summer solstice ( or winter solstice for Southern Hemisphere fairies). The solstice actually occurred two days ago, but the celebration extends a few days before and after. So push past all the princess paraphernalia out there (love you heaps Anna and Elsa but a princess and a fairy are not the same thing) and discover the beautiful art that surrounds the fairy. I had to search quite a bit because I wanted for a sophisticated look rather than a children’s wrap. I found a print of a Stephen Mackey work on a greeting card and paired it with some quartz wrapping paper and a shimmery rolled ribbon. The creation of International Fairy Day is attributed to renowned Fairy artist Jessica Gailbraith and the day now boasts events around the globe.

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