We are finishing the end of the financial year in the black. Take some ledger paper with its deliciously lined up columns and a two ring ribbon and it all adds up to a wrap that will excite even your accountant. I have a great fondness for ledger paper and its first cousin graph paper because you can use the lines as a folding guide creating hospital grade neat folds. I also like the fail safe two ring bow. Tape a piece of ribbon to the gift, then take another piece of ribbon and create a ring shape of less width than the package. Place it on top of the flat ribbon. Take another piece of ribbon and create a slightly smaller ring shape, placing it on the first ring. Then take a tiny teeny piece of ribbon and place it around the centre of the rings. Genius!! So whip out your jumbo calculator ( the numbers look better when they are big) and celebrate today 30 June and the lessons learned during the last 12 months.

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