Harvey’s smiley

Well today 2 October we recognise Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester Massachusetts who created the ubiquitous smiley face in 1963. Harvey became concerned that the original meaning of the symbol was being lost in its over commercialisation. So he created World Smile Day to encourage each of us to devote a day each year to smiles and acts of kindness. Harvey was adamant that his smiley face “knows no politics, no geography and no religion” and neither should we. In 1999, he declared the first Friday in October World Smile Day and it has been celebrated every year since. Our wrap is an homage to the theme of World Smile Day “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.” That’s why we have gone for cheerful yellows and oranges against an optimistic white background and of course a smiley. The smiley is a button purchased at a haberdashery store. I am just discovering the joy of buttons as embellishments and scouring new and recycled stores for them has become one of my latest obsessions. Beware though, you could get a bit of stocker shock when you see the price of some brand new ornate buttons. They ain’t cheap.

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