The Danish Prince

Prince Christian of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, was born on 15 October 2005. Can you believe the eldest child of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary is 10 years old? Prince Christian is second in the Danish line of succession after his dad and when he takes the throne he will become the first monarch of Australian ancestry to hold the any throne anywhere. Young Prince Christian was the first future king of Denmark to attend Nursery School and a public state school. So for a thoroughly modern Prince we have a thoroughly modern wrap with a funky crown and some suitably regal gold ric rac. You do have to be careful trying bows with ric rac given its distinctive wavy edges. The thicker the ric rac the harder it is to tie and it won’t always sit properly (unlike Prince Christian who I am sure has impeccable manners). I did see a big bold teal 2cm ric rac which I am itching to use but me thinks I will have to save that for a belli band.

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