Passionate Red

Today 25 October is the birthday of French composer Georges Bizet. Bizet is best known for his opera Carmen, the production of which was delayed due to concerns that its themes of betrayal and murder would offend audiences. Bizet died just three months after the opera’s premiere in 1875, unaware Carmen would become a spectacular success. My husband and I saw Carmen in Verona Italy at the ancient amphitheatre there – what a treat. Two full orchestras and no amplification for the singers’ voices – all the status is being heard by the power of the voice alone. There were other operas on at the time in Verona as evidenced by the huge props that were wheeled in and out and the pen of large elephants grazing on the lawns – had to be Aida for sure. So my wrap is an homage to Carmen capturing the opera’s signature strong reds, and a nod to the Spanish setting with black lace, a fan and shawl. I haven’t wrapped with black lace before and frankly it took me ages to pick it out and purchase a mere metre of it because I was worried it would look cheap and nasty. But I was really pleased with the result. I think it works with the lovely red paper (which is actually gold patterned Japanese paper) and the solid black of the fan.

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