Her cup runneth over

Today 3 November I have a Melbourne Cup wrap to acknowledge the female jockey Michelle Payne who rode Prince of Penzance to a fabulous and historic win in one of the most prestigious horse races on the planet. I love the Michelle Payne story – not just because she has worked so hard to overcome obstacles, not only because her brother Stevie is now the world’s most celebrated strapper but because she spoke with elegance and pride about her determination to win and uttered words that will no doubt go down in sporting history – that women riders can compete with men and anyone who says otherwise should “get stuffed”.  So for Michelle’s defining moment we have a wrap featuring the colours and pattern of her riding silks. Was it an accident that the purple and green are also the colours of the women’s movement?? It was relatively easy to achieve the over and under check affect with ribbon but you do need to keep working on the spacing as the silk (no pun intended) ribbons do move out of place fairly easily.

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