Hot Lips Houlihan

Today 4 November is the birthday of Loretta Swit, best known to most of us as Major Margaret Hot Lips Houlihan from the TV series MASH. Cue MASH theme song which is no doubt now humming in your head. She was born Loretta Szwed in 1937 and played a number of roles before and after MASH but it was the comedy set in the Korean War that defined her. She was never pictured in army fatigues (thank goodness because I do not like that fatigue pattern at all), always being pictured in plain khaki with her signature dog tag. I decided to go with a poster look with a plain twine crossover for this wrap which reflects both the TV series and the movie. I am not sure I love the colour khaki but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. It can span both males and females and looks great with a pop of red.

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