Rise like a pheonix

Today 6 November we say happy birthday to Austria’s Conchita Wurst (as portrayed by Thomas Neuwirth) who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with her power ballad Rise Like a Pheonix. Now there is no doubt that Conchita likes a bit of sparkle and a good beard. But my wrap focuses on the sparkle part of the equation and references a Conchita style dress – with a nude background with an overlay of silver Hollywood cascading sparkles (think Angelina Jolie), flower embellishments and a silver tie rope belt. Conchita never goes small so this would be a big wrap for a big personality on a big occasion. A little word of caution on the sparking paper – it is difficult to work with and does not like double sided tape or indeed any tape – it won’t take to the glitter elements. So get your glue gun out for anything approaching a sparkle paper.

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