Tile with style

Today 8 November marks the final day of the World Scrabble Championships being held in Perth.The event has attracted players from 38 countries, many of whom don’t speak English but have memorised thousands of words. West Australian Russell Honeybun (no kidding …that’s his name) says its important to be familiar with the small words that will help you to use up all your tiles or place you in a position to get to the bonus tiles. Reigning national champion Daniel Piechnick likes the word Qi -the word used in Chinese philosophy and medicine that refers to life force or energy. He says besides being worth 10 points you can use it if you are stuck with a Q or someone else plays a Q you can add to. But I actually prefer the letter Z not just because it is worth 10 point also but because I have two very special little girls in my family – Zarah and Ziva. So in our household two many Z’s are never enough. That’s why I have a spotty wrap with a pink bow and a jumbo Z tile. I’ve seen lots of other ways scrabble tiles are used for wrapping gifts. The look has been around a while but I like it. and people always keep the scrabble tile afterwards.

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