Wrap with your scrap

Today 9 November marks the beginning of National Recycling Week. The day was founded 20 years ago by Planet Ark to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling. I am wrapping today with recycled materials. A page from a magazine featuring different types of stylish corkscrews ( you can never have too many corkscrews especially with the Christmas season approaching), a gift tag made out of a paint colour sample ( the shade is shrub leaf and I am just about to paint a wall in it) and some twine salvaged from the useful draw ( a drawer full of odd bod stuff my husband says I should throw out but the contents of which I see as a treasure trove). Keep an eye out for colours and patterns and you’ll see usable gift wrapping everywhere. I love wrapping with newspaper (but careful you choose print and pictures that work as we don’t want a little mishap by using the obituaries or the escort section). Newspapers in a foreign language are fabulous too. I think I might start a whole new section called Wrap with your Scrap!

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