I’m A Beziever

This day 15 November, is Ziva’s Day as we celebrate the Christening of a very beautiful young lady. We had a fabulous gathering full of family joy and laughter which ended with quite boisterous rounds of I’m a Beziever to the Monkees tune I’m a Believer. So to mark the occasion we have a wrap that references her newborn shots – wrapped in natural Muslin, with a feathery soft down effect and natural woods and fibres. We also have a splash of her signature colour plum. This is the first time I have wrapped in muslin and I must say once I mastered the fact it pulls out of shape very easily, I quite liked the effect. The feathery down look is actually knitting yarn wound around the gift lengthways and tied in the middle with a heart shaped wooden gift tag. Ziva’s mother says Ziva is a plum girl – so my mother and I spent hours searching for a plum  – rather than purple -ribbon. You could have heard our whooping across town when we located a ribbon proudly labelled plum.Ziva newborn shot

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