Students in full bloom

When I was at law school, the folk lore (no pun intended) dictated that if you hadn’t done all your revision by the time the jacarandas were in flower, you were going really struggle in the exams because time was running out. So today I am thinking of all the university students out there studying for exams or pulling all nighters to get final assessment pieces submitted. Because today 17 November is International Students Day. Many universities now mark the day as a non political celebration of the multiculturalism of their students which is especially important at this time of global tensions and grief. The day has a somber and important history as it originally commemorated the anniversary of the 1939 storming of the University of Prague as well as the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the closure of all Czech universities and colleges and sadly the execution of some student leaders and internment in concentration camps of others. The day is also an important day to recognise student unionism and activism.
We are surrounded by beautiful jacaranda trees at the moment and give thanks for their beauty in the midst of a changing and funny old world.

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