Tears of Joy

Today 22 November we are acknowledging the recent announcement of the Oxford Dictionary word of the year. But be warned….it’s a controversial decision because it’s not a word at all….it’s a symbol and the win has observers deeply divided. That’s right…..the face with tears of joy emoji is the Oxford Dictionary word of the year, the latest in a string of cheeky picks by the dictionary who went for the word Vape in 2014, Selfie in 2013 and GIF in 2012. Shortlisted words that were vying for the top honour were Brexit, Dark Web, on clerk, lumber sexual, refugee, sharing economy and they (when referring to someone in the singular). We are a divided household…one of us loves the emoji angle and the other is truly appalled at the thought of a non word taking out a word award. Still it is highly visual and that makes for a fabulous frolicking gift wrap complete with emoji gift tag. I think a gift tag can make a big impact and there are no end of things you can find that serve that role. Of course you also have to tie the gift tag on so I went with a complementary colour ribbon, my daughter says the it looks like the emoji has dreadlocks.

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