O Christmas tree

Christmas tree row of carsThis Friday 27 November gives us just five weeks until Christmas, so it’s time to seriously start thinking about decorating and that means the Christmas tree. Now there is serious debate as to when a Christmas tree and the accompanying decorations should go up and indeed down. Thanks to rampant commercialism you would be forgiven for thinking you should have everything in well place at the beginning of November. We say 1 December is a good time to start and you won’t be offending anybody. Packing it all away by the Epiphany on 6 January shows elegance. For a decorative wrapping piece we love the little trick of tying a miniature tree to a matchbox car. Too cute!! You could use these as a present topper, on the mantelpiece or you could pop a place card against it. TheĀ little cars look so cute all lined up ready to deliver their festive load.

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