Serenity & Quartz

We always wait with huge anticipation for the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the Year. So we were intrigued when Pantone chose not one but TWO colours for their 2016 honour. Yes… it’s Serenity (colour swatch 15-3919) and Rose Quartz (colour swatch 13-1520) ….. an harmonious pairing of complementary colours. Adam Tschorn of the LA Times describes Serenity as “a click or two darker than baby blue” and Rose Quartz as “just this side of dusty pink.” The Pantone publicity machine is on full throttle, showing the two colours as one image gradient style. So as an homage to the Colour of the Year we have perfect little packages in gradient colours including fabulous hints of blue and pinks. I quite like the gradient look and will be using it again. A bit like JLO’s hair without the need to use the term bronde.

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