First flight

Today 17 December is Wright Brothers Day, a US federal observance by Presidential Proclamation. It was on this day in 1903 that the two brothers from Dayton Ohio defied gravity in what many considered the first powered and controlled manned flight. So today we have a sketch of “The Flyer”, the aircraft that started it all. We love wrapping with plans and sketches and maps – especially sketches with their signature blue. And as an added touch, the specific sketch can be matched to the interests of the recipient. Great for boys but let’s not be too gender biased. We are also more than a little intrigued with the Wright Brothers. tells us some interesting facts about the brothers Wilbur and Orville including… Thanks to a coin toss, Orville was the first brother airborne, a toy launched their flying obsession, neither received a high school diploma, the brothers never married, they flew together just one time, and Neil Armstrong carried a piece of the Wright Flyer with him to the moon…….

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