When ugly is beautiful

Today 18 December is Ugly Sweater Day. Now we here in Oz probably do not have such a feel for ugly sweaters because it’s too darn hot. But as we found out Ugly Sweaters are a real big thing, especially with the Brits who LOVE them to bits. Who can forget Mr Darcy’s Ugly Sweater in The first Brigit Jones movie. (Who can forget Mr Darcy full stop?). There are mountains of patterns, info graphics and how to’s on Ugly Sweaters. So we have an Ugly Sweater wrap, which has as its centrepiece an Ugly Sweater gift tag and a smashing yummy red grosgrain ribbon. Yet again the power of the gift tag shines through. Our research was most insightful because we did land upon the ugly sweater rashi supported by┬áthe Queensland Cancer Council. Genius.

ugly rashie.jpg

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