Cruciverbalists rule

The crossword puzzle made its first appearance in the New York World newspaper on this day 21 December 1913. It is said that the crossword was invented by British born Arthur Wynne, whose brainchild spawned a whole industry, hobby, pastime and obsession. There are now many variations on the crossword – cryptic, cipher, diagram less, acrostic, holoalphabetic, theme less and themed. Which is what my wrap is – a Christmas themed and Christmas tree shaped crossword – a wrap and an activity all in one – bonus!!! I hope all you cruciverbalists out there ( I just wanted to use this word for someone who is a crossword enthusiast and really have had limited opportunities to do so before in my life) like the wrap and the complementary black and white ribbon. Thought it needed a bit of red to pop – not a lot – only a little – and when I placed the red yarn, I just knew I was right. 

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