The date for Kate

Today 9 January marks the 34th birthday of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Lady Carrickfergus aka Kate Middleton. Now this one was a bit of a challenge – a good challenge – but a challenge none the less because how would one wrap for a person who has everything and everyone at her disposal?

At first I wanted to go for a camera pattern to reflect the family photos Kate has been turning out. I think she has a good eye. But the camera patterned paper I located didn’t say Kate to me – so I went instead for the Catherine monogram which features the crown and the letter C.

I really tried to get 34 individual Catherine monograms on the top face of the gift but couldn’t quite pull off that little reference and feel the positioning of the monogram in reference to the gift could be better – but no matter how I positioned it, either a bit of crown or a bit of the letter C would be chopped off – off with its head!! I then went for a regalia/ribbon statement and settled on a regal gold and purple. I quite like the finished product. I will keep looking for fabulous camera wrapping paper though…think that would work a right royal treat. I am sure the Duchess will keep snapping the little nuclear family, so I sense I will have many more opportunities to do a royal picture wrap.

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