Poetry at work

Ever since I read the Harvard Business Review article “Poetry for Professionals” by John Coleman, extolling the power of poetry to enhance workplace creativity and wellbeing, I’ve looked at poetry in a new light.

That’s why I’m happy today 12 January is Poetry at Work Day which is held annually on the second Tuesday in January. One of the sponsors is tweetspeakpoetry.com a fabulous site for all things poetic with infographics that will have you busting out an ode or a sonnet before you know it.

But when I think of poetry I think of the haiku. And when I think of the haiku I think of Japan. So today I have a little black box filled with haikus which features a Japanese paper belli band and gold chord. My wrap is set against more Japanese paper which I do so love but it can be a bit difficult to source the real stuff. I feel I must finish with my favourite haiku:

Haikus are easy

But sometimes they don’t make sense



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