More than music

Today 15 January is the start of the Tamworth Country Music Festival or TCMF for those in the know. The festival is one of the 10 biggest country music festivals in the whole world – you betcha!! 10 days, 700 performers, 2800+ events and 213 000 music lovers. It’s a big deal round these parts. I’ve always been a bit drawn to the large golden guitar in Tamworth and reckon the annual Golden Guitar Awards would be a hoot.  Had a big think about the look of today’s wrap and I can tell you there were some initial duds in the pack, mainly because they were too wild westish. But I tell you what did speak, colour and stars and all roads leading to Tamworth. So here you have it – a fabulous green green grass of home checked shirt wrap with a stars of the show belli band, a raffia tie and a destination gift tag. I’ve just found a fabulous little site that creates destination signs – so you can bet your sweet bippy there’ll be more of them featuring in upcoming wraps.

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