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On 16 January I say Happy Birthday to the ever wonderful and timeless Lorraine Bayly AM who was born on this day in 1937. Can anyone ever remember a time when Lorraine was not part of our artistic fabric? Lorraine, it is said, was always prodigiously talented; working across across film, television and the theatre. No one played with Big Ted and Jemima like our Lorraine. I am not ashamed to say I did watch the Lorraine in the Sullivans and always fancied my chances with John or Tom, but that will not be the focus today.

No today, I have chose a grand approach befitting such a legend…..beautiful cotton paper in cream, aqua and antique gold, with a feature twist of aqua and a thin antique gold tie. I did try this out with a huge aqua cross over bow as is my want but the bow smothered the divine paper and that’s not really the point. I love this paired back embellishment of a hint of aqua ribbon with the thinnest of antique gold ties. V v v  hard to get just the right antique gold and in a tiny width, but Lorraine – you are worth the effort.

Fun bonus fact…at aged 9 she developed a ventriloquist act which 35 years later she performed on the Parkinson Show in 1984 using Sir Michael as her dummy.

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