Kitchen Tea Time

Today 19 January, I am wrapping a gift for a Kitchen Tea. What is it about “showers” and me in January?  I don’t hear anywhere near as much about Kitchen Teas as I used to. Are they even still a thing? So I did a bit of research on the difference between the Kitchen Tea, The Bridal Shower and the Hen’s Night – oh my – four hours later and I am not sure I’m any the wiser but I did get to see some lovely photos of beautiful people having a colour coordinated good time. I now know that traditionally, the Kitchen Tea is an afternoon tea where guests bring a gift for the Bride for the kitchen only.  At a  Bridal Shower guests bring a gift of any description to “shower” the Bride. Either way, The Kitchen Tea or Bridal Shower is traditionally held 2-3 weeks before the Wedding with close gal pals and friends invited to support the blushing Bride to Be.  It also allegedly allows guests from both sides of the family to get to know each other before the big day by keeping their competitive nature in check during the really bizarre games. Hen’s Night – well  as far as I can see, we are talking a big night out with lots of cocktails and shooters and those appalling sashes that the bride wears.

Some brides only have one event while others go for the trifecta. The kitchen tea is  more refined than a hen’s party. Many brides hold a kitchen tea and a hen party on the same day. The older relatives or friends come for the kitchen tea, and then go home when the hen’s party starts to heat up or head out. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

I ‘ve gone old school for my wrap – a yummy pie pattern on a lovely blue background, a skinny belly band and skinny twine with a tea cup tag. Loving the background cutlery paper to boot. Seems the kitchen tea is still a thing.


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