She walks in beauty

Today 22 January is the birthday of poet and politician Lord Byron, born George Gordon Byron (he late added Noel to his name) in 1788. Often referred to as the leading figure of the Romantic movement, Byron was famous for his poetry and prose and infamous for his lifestyle. If you have a spare hour of two, go to as I did and read a super overview of the life and times of the man born the sixth Baron Byron of a rapidly fading aristocratic family. Oh my goodness …what a life –  the notoriety of his sexual escapades it is said, is only surpassed by the beauty and brilliance of his writing. Born with a club foot, abandoned by his father and raised by a schizophrenic mother and nurse who abused him, Byron died young in Greece. Possibly his best known work is “She Walks in Beauty” and that work forms the centrepiece of my wrap today.

I have used a beautiful blue silk paper – which produces different colours in the light – as the foundation of the wrap. I have then used the words of his poem “She Walks in Beauty” as a belli band which has been reproduced in the specialist font called Byron. I have added a royal blue bow which I debated using trust me. Without it, something was missing and the flourish of the bow speaks to the extravagance of the man. Couple of ideas to take from this wrap – particularly in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. You can always wrap a gift using the favourite poetry of your love either as the whole wrap or a feature embellishment as I have done. You can also send some special messages through the font you choose – or perhaps even have a font specially designed for the love of your life – what a gift for the person who has everything.

Byron 1


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