What a corker

Today 23 January I have decided to push the envelope on the materials I wrap with. Generally I am a paper girl through and through but I was strangely drawn to sheets of cork that I spied when I was out paper grazing in Melbourne recently. I showed it to a couple of paper gurus and while they longed to touch it, they weren’t so sure about it. But cork is having a moment, as witnessed by the cork tape I came across in an upmarket kitchen store and the rack of cork sheets and card that were a new and featured addition in a large craft chain store.

The unique properties of cork – lightness, impermeability, resistance to rot, compressibility, expandability and flexibility – make it an ideal stopper for wine bottles. I am not so sure it is the ideal wrapper for gifts. It does have great texture. It does have a genuine earthy somewhat masculine appeal but in sheet form it is incredibly fragile and keeps ripping (womp womp). Even though they tear so easily, the sheets are quite thick, making for a chubby fold and precluding the crisp edges I crave. That said, a cork wrap will be a definite talking point. Interestingly, my husband liked today’s wrap with black knotted ribbon and tag. He noticed it on the table as he was opening a bottle of wine.


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