Tour down under

Today 24 January is the final day of the Tour Down Under with a race around the  streets of Adelaide. I’ve been to the TDU heaps of times and it is fabulous hubbing out of Adelaide and into the picturesque surrounds of beaches, mountains and wineries. I’ve seen a few of the really big names race there even the really big names we can’t mention any more.

The pros have marvellous machinery that is the envy of every amateur bike rider – all shiny and silvery and brand new. So my wrap today features a silvery bicycle typographic by Aaron Kuehn embellished with these adorable little gears that I got quite excited about finding. I hope you appreciate that the graphic is of a racing bike and not a tandem or a city bike or a mountain bike or recreational basket on the front type bike. My husband will forgive me many things but not that.


Bike 1

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