Pop pop pop

Today 25 January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (or BWAD to the cool kids) –  a day to acknowledge those special little pockets of air that go pop pop pop when you dance like no-one is watching on a sheet of the good stuff. One of the best early childhood teachers I know in the whole world gets her little charges to pop Bubble Wrap between their pencil finger and thumb as a pre writing strength activity. Genius. I am strangely transfixed by bubble wrap and so it been such fun to discover all the many and varied things people do to celebrate BWAD.

According to “Today I Found Out”, Bubble Wrap was invented in 1957 by Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes in Hawthorne, N.J. They were actually trying to create a textured wallpaper by sealing two shower curtains together to capture air bubbles and create a textured appearance.  Unsurprisingly, the wallpaper concept didn’t take off but undeterred they looked for another use for their product.

Three years after the initial creation of Bubble Wrap, Frederick W. Bowers, a marketer at Sealed Air, which makes Bubble Wrap, came up with the idea that Bubble Wrap could be used to protect computers during shipping. IBM began purchasing Bubble Wrap to protect their computers and other fragile products.

Bubble Wrap is now big business and well over $400 million worth of Bubble Wrap is sold annually. When too much bubble wrap is never enough! And one final fun fact…one common misconception is that Bubble Wrap is created using machinery that inflates and then seals each and every bubble.  It’s actually made by trapping air bubbles in between two sheets of plastic as they are heated and passed between rollers.

My Bubble Wrap wrap features a big juicy Bubble Wrap bow. You can use used Bubble Wrap to save Mother Earth. I’ve set it against aqua blue paper because in a roll Bubble Wrap has a slightly blue look. I did try an aqua cross ribbon as well – womp womp – too much blue! So I substituted black ribbon in and I like it. The wrap sits on bubble wrap with some dotty paper beneath – just the texture the inventors were looking for. I don’t know that this Bubble Wrap bow look is for everyone, but if you have a quirky Big Bang Theory type friend I reckon they will love it to bits.

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