60% chance of late showers

There’s a lot happening on 5 February. The flawless Princess Mary of Denmark celebrates her birthday.  I wanted to do a regal wrap featuring that ceremonial white ceramic elephant she and Frederick wear on formal occasions but that did not quite work and I will have to save Mary for another day. It’s also World Nutella Day too but I’m not really into Nutella (though 51 677 people like the World Nutella Facebook page – who are all these people and why is there even a World Nutella Day Ambassador?) though I did have a mean Nutella Pizza once in St Kilda after a few vinos.

More importantly 5 February is also National Weatherperson’s Day in the US and I am all for weather watching. I love the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) app – the one app you surely can’t do without. The day marks the birthday of one of the first known weathermen John Jeffries who was born in 1744. Bostonian Jeffries distinguished himself in the Revolutionary War and  in 1774 he began recording daily weather observations. Ten years and a lot of observations later he began logging weather information from a hot air balloon. The day now recognises meteorologists, climatologists and weatherpersons as well as the advancements in weather technology.

I have always wanted to use a weather map for a wrap – those isobars create the most glorious of random patterns. I resisted the temptation to go black and white and used the BOM colour forecast map for today instead. I love it. I wanted a little embellishment to honour John Jeffries and all those of his profession but my cloud shaped gift tag carefully stashed away for an occasion such as this looked like a super cheesy storm cell so it had to take shelter in my gift tag box. I used a blue checked ribbon tied in a knot instead to work in with the blue of the wrap. I think these maps make a fabulous gift paper and the official date stamp at the bottom of each print out adds a personalised touch to mark a special occasion.


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