Heddy’s Hawaii 5-O

Today 7 February I was fortunate enough to be a guest at friend Heddy’s fabulous Hawaii 5-O party. This was the full Hawaiian experience – with a lei for every guest, grass skirts, tropical cocktails, prawn skewers, fresh fish mmmmmm and a whole sound track of Hawaii 5-O Theme Song covers.

I loved the original TV series that ran for 12 years from 1968 – 1980 and was named in honour of Hawaii’s being the 50th state. What other cop shows could compete with the investigations of an elite branch of the Hawaii State Police answerable only to the governor and headed by Steve McGarrett? The letter “O” is sometimes used to differentiate the original series and the revival which premièred in 2010, and always uses the numeral zero. I’ve never bonded with the revival series but many clearly have as it heads into its sixth season.

It was a great party but the best thing was surely the gift wrapping, because it too was themed. For Heddy we have a wrap of double sided kraft paper – one side sea blue and one side kraft folded back to form a belli band, topped with a bright pink ribbon and real frangipani from the tree in our garden.  Loving those tropical colours!


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