Flat packed on a roll

Today 10 February, I made the trek to the closest Ikea. I was charged with scouting ideas for my daughter’s next new store – so I was allowed to inspect but not purchase. But no trip to Ikea is ever as simple as that and before I knew it I had a basket full of white as well as natural timber photo frames (the sign did after all say they were cheaper this year than last), stemless wine glasses (frankly best on ground today), two large white candles worthy of an altar in a cathedral, three metres of black and white fabric that will see duty as a table cloth, twenty tea towels and of course wrapping paper.

Now I have never been truly convinced about Ikea wrapping paper. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. It is a few grams too light for me and the range of patterns doesn’t always speak. I appreciate the Swedish roots of the design because the paper like everything else in the store has a Swedish name, but I think on occasion it is an Ikea afterthought which is a shame because when Ikea decides to nail it, they really so nail it as evidenced by some of the pink pastel items that are appearing in store here as well as part of a Northern Hemisphere release that has the bloggers positively smitten.

Of the paper available I chose a pattern of pale pink, green, grey, black and mission brown because frankly I would not have thought to put such a colour combo together. I think the patterning works – if not a bit reminiscent of one of an Ikea doona cover –  but left as a plain wrap it was too well plain so black side ribbons were called for. I might have another go at the embellishment if I can nail some green twine or brown twine. I will say that even with its unusual shade of pink background, this paper could serve a number of occasions and recipients.

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