Stay hungry stay foolish

It’s the birthday of the late great Steve Jobs today 24 February. Many words have been written about Mr Jobs and his progression through Apple, Lisa, Xerox PARC, Pixar, back to Apple, iPods, iPhones, iPads to innovation and design guru and finally business icon with an attributable quote for every leadership dilemma. His passing on 5 October 2011 was mourned by many – a genius, it was said, taken too soon.

A little disclosure here – my husband and I each have an iPhone, and iPad mini – so we are willingly part of the cult of Apple. When it comes to brand building and design aesthetics no one does it better than Apple – with one of the most instantly recognisable brands and design silhouettes on the planet. I remember the first time I saw a small note pad in the shape of the iPhone – had to have it at $35.00.

So to celebrate the birthday of Steve Jobs I have used an iPhone template pattern in striking black and white with a little Apple gift card to go the whole hog. I could have gone a lot hoggier  with a full size loud and proud Steve Jobs Greeting card – there are 444 different styles to choose from on Fine Art America alone – but I exercised some restraint. The face of each the iPhones on the pattern could be coloured in or adorned with personalised text messages – that would be too cute. I like this look for someone who really cant live without their iPhone – and let’s face it – that’s quite a lot of us.


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