Designing Florals

Floral Design Day is observed in the US  annually on February 28th. It’s a day to celebrate floral design in a garden, a painting, on fabric, in a floral arrangement or bouquet and of course on wrapping paper.

And design really is the word because floral design like other artistic pursuits uses space, structure, colour and brightness to create a unique form. The roots of floral design go back to Egyptian temple offerings to the Gods and the art form has been evolving and reflecting the distinct customs and traditions of the day ever since.

National Floral Design Day however day was born a mere 60 years ago to acknowledge the birthday of Carl Rittner, founder of the Rittner School of Floral Design in Boston and a pioneer in floral art education. And the day is legitimate because the Governor of Massachusetts William F. Weld proclaimed it in 1995. You can read the whole proclamation online if you are so minded.

I have used a big bold floral design in wonderful pinks, apricots and greens to wrap a big coffee table book. I tried a mint green bow to pick up some of the greens – and I really liked the shade of mint – but it really was soooooooooo insipid so I used a pink bow instead which picked up the pinks in the design. Loving  my statement wrap.




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