Hooray for Hollywood

Today 1 March is World Compliment Day – the time to pay a genuine and heartfelt compliment or compliments to those around you. But 1 March is the date is of another very important occasion – yes it’s Paul Hollywood’s birthday – which seems fitting because the focus certainly has been on Hollywood in the last couple of days.

Of course everyone around the globe knows that Paul John Hollywood is an English baker and celebrity chef, best known for being a judge since 2010 on the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off  (who isn’t addicted to it) alongside Mary Berry. Mr Hollywood  can knock out a loaf of bread and he’s a bit of a silver fox. Mr Hollywood was quoted in The Mirror as saying Bake Off co-star Mary Berry, 80, is “the world’s most beautiful woman”. Surely a fabulous compliment on this World Compliment Day. He went on to add “Mary’s my surrogate mother. She’s also fantastic at darts – pint in one hand, arrows in the other, no kidding.” Who knew?

For Mr Hollywood’s birthday wrap I have a baker themed chalkboard paper off set with – you guessed it – baker’s twine –  in a fabulous purple. I don’t quite know how I ended up with 100 metres of purple baker’s twine but know I am using it I really like it for both the ladies and the silver foxes.

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