Green Eggs and ham

imageToday 2 March we say happy birthday to Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr Seuss ( who took up the title Dr because his father so wanted him to be one) who was born on this day in 1904. Dr Seuss wrote and illustrated 44 books. He used the pen name Theo Le Sieg ( Geisel backwards get it?) for books he wrote but which were illustrated by others.

I love Dr Seuss and can proudly claim to be able to recite the Cat in the Hat books by memory using the voice of the fish. My children are mortified by this. I think the voice is important because Dr Seuss himself said his name should be pronounced like Soice in a manner which rhymes with voice.

I also like Green Eggs and Ham and even more so since I discovered that book has exactly 50 words.

My Dr Seuss wrap features the distinctive red and blue of The Cat in the Hat illustration with an homage to the Cat’s big floppy bow. I would not normally put red and bright Aqua together but Thank You Dr Seuss … the combo does work.  I also love the quote on the background sheet… Dr Seuss, you are a philosopher!!!

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