Full Beard

Today 6 March we acknowledge the  World Beard and Moustache Championship being held Schoenberg, Germany. The event draws more the 300 hopefuls competing in sixteen categories across three major groupings – moustache, partial beard and full beard.

For the  moustaches, participants can choose from the Natural, the Dali, the English, the Imperial, the Hungarian and the Freestyle. Half Beard? Choose from the Goatee Natural, the Musketeer, the Fu Manchu Goatee, the Freestyle, the Imperial Partial Beard/Kaiser Beard as well as the Partial Beard Freestyle and Sideburns.

Full Beard categories include the Full Beard Natural,  Full Beard Styled Moustache, the Verdi, the Garibaldi and the Full Beard Freestyle. The Full Beard Freestyle is, as you would expect, the Blue riband event.

This is serious competition folks and the devotees are known to call it their sport.

There’s no doubt that facial hair for the gents is way in – though some are suggesting that we are fast approaching peak beard. I do know that I probably don’t do enough wraps specifically for the gents – so today a quirky fun little wrap using a colourful pattern and one of my all time favourite gift tags – the silhouette  Moustache. I was sorely tempted to use a monochrome paper as a mo looks fab in black and white but I resisted the temptation and went for colours instead.


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