The biggest stars of science

Today 9 March is the opening of the World Science Festival Brisbane. The World Science Festival , which began in New York in 2008, is an annual week long celebration which “takes science out of the laboratory and into the streets, parks, museums, galleries and premier performing arts venues of New York City”.

The World Science Festival Brisbane is being presented by the Queensland Museum – good on them for getting this major gig to Australia. The rock stars of stars of science will present the beauty, complexity, and importance of science with a jam packed program that includes Breakfast with the Brains, Comedy with Comic Nomad, a reading of Alan Alda’s work (yes that Alan Alda from MASH) Dear Albert which delves into the personal correspondence of Albert Einstein shedding light on his fascinating life, Street Science, keynote lectures, Fame Lab and of course plenty of Dr Karl.

I had a number of attempts (I would call them experiments) at a scientific wrap but they didn’t work. My cellophane wrapped beaker, although neat, was just a sadness.  In experimenting with one thing, I ended up at a different place – a bit like the discovery of penicillin. My wrapping paper is an up close and personal look at beautiful synapses showing that science is art and science is art. There is a session on that at the festival also. I just couldn’t help a little something to embellish and so I went for some complementary twitchy twine. You know I like maps and diagrams as wrapping paper, but now I have discovered scientific photography the sky is the limit.

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