Treading the Boards

Today 27 March is World Theatre Day celebrated annually since 1961 by ITI (International Theatre Institute, an NGO in formal associate relations with UNESCO) and the international theatre community.

Events are organised nationally and internationally to mark the day. I had no idea that the undoubted high point is the circulation of the World Theatre Day International Message where, at the invitation of ITI, a figure of world stature shares his or her reflections on the theme of Theatre and a Culture of Peace. Such is the Message’s importance (Message always with a capital M), it is read before performances in theatres throughout the world, printed in newspapers and transmitted via radio and TV to listeners across five continents. You can read the 2016 message by Russian Anatoli Vassiliev and don’t worry, it has been translated to nearly 40 languages, so if your Russian isn’t where it should be, there’s a translated version for you.

For my wrap today I have used a theatre seating plan for the the paper. Sort of a first cousin of a map. I did not realise what a beautiful graphic image theatre plans provide and how many of them come with so much history. I then found myself spending way too long looking at theatre architecture, recalling the shape and layout of a traditional Greek Theatre from my high school days – don’t say my wrapping fixation isn’t educational!!

I was not at all sure what to do about an embellishment because I did not want to go too twee with the theatre reference. Tried those ancient Greek Theatre masks and very quickly untried it. In the end, I settled for silver chord to reference the ties that traditionally hold back the curtains. Using a theatre seating plan as wrapping paper would make a great wrap for a theatre buff and and even greater wrap if it was from a performance that you and the gift recipient went to together.

Empire Theatre

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