Dotty Doxies

Today 29 March it’s time to roll out the dotty doxie aka the spotty dachshund. I have always loved the distinctive silhouette of the dachshund and of all its nicknames – weiner dogs, sausage dogs, doxies, daschies, dobsons or hot dogs – I warm to doxies most. Got me to thinking where the doxie word actually came from. Look no further than Philip Newton on Quora, who suggests:

  • The “chs” combination is pronounced “x” in German, the language English borrowed “dachshund” from (it means, “badger dog”)
  • The “European a” vowel sound is often identified with the “ah” sound of “palm”
  • The “short o” vowel has merged with the vowel of “palm” in many accents of the United States (the “father-bother merger”), meaning that “dachs” and “docks, dox” will sound the same to such speakers
  • The -y, -ie ending is commonly used in pet names or abbreviation

Thank you Philip.

Don’t know whether this is the actual derivation of the term but it sure makes sense to me. It also made sense to go a little dotty with today’s Doxie wrap using Kraft paper with a micro dot atop Kraft paper with a jumbo dot. I know it’s a little like double denim but if you like Kraft you like Kraft and I like Kraft. But it’s the Doxie gift tag that’s the star tied on with dotty ribbon. I punched two small holes through the tag and pulled the ribbon through it so it sits beautifully  – a great tip for making the gift tag pop.

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