Drew amongst the Jonathans

My sister just loves the Property Brothers. She is very very keen on thirty-seven-year-old Canadian identical twins Jonathan and Drew Scott whose flagship cable show Property Brothers is now in its ninth season. Nine Seasons of helping couples find fixer-uppers and transform them into dream homes.

They  have been described in the New York Times as “the cable equivalent of box-office movie stars.” No joke. And I tell you what else is no joke on 1 April…how on earth do you tell these two apart? Their parents didn’t even know they were having twins until the doctor saw Drew pop out shortly after Jonathan was born.

Their skills are however, not a joke at all. The brothers bought their first house when they were only 17 years old! In college, they flipped a house for a $50,000 profit. They now have four shows and counting on cable TV. They released their first ever music video for their country song, “Hold On,” under the name The Scott Brothers via Vevo this year.

It seems these boys are everywhere. That suits my sister. So it was her that I thought of when I saw a delicious montage of the pair recently in Country Living. It makes for great wrapping paper, which, knowing her, she will probably put in a frame so she can keep it for ever. I even used the actual key to her house on the ribbon -keys make a great embellishment as they can be both visual and have very personal meaning – if you know what I mean. The paper comes from a post which challenges you to find the one Drew among all the Jonathans. He (Jonathan that is) is really hard to spot. No joke.


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