Today 5 April is a day for those with a sweet tooth as I am celebrating National Caramel Day. I can’t get enough of caramel. I would go as far to controversially proclaim I like it more than chocolate. There I ‘ve said it.

I love caramel sweets, caramel sauce, caramel tarts and don’t get me started on caramel banoffee pie. Thank goodness it was invented in about 1650 when American settlers made hard candies in kettles. Some time in the early 1880’s, fat and milk were added to boiling sugar and water, creating what we now know as caramel. During this time, caramels were also made with sugar beet juice because refined sugar was so expensive and hard to procure. I learned on Masterchef that Caramels are chewy because of the heat activation between the sugar ingredients and the milk solids. I also learned caramels heated further turn into toffees and toffees heated further turned into a ruined saucepan.

I wish I was in New York today – actually I wish I was in New York every day – because In celebration of this National Caramel Day , the Caramel kings Werther’s  will distribute 1 million pieces of rich, creamy caramel FREE. A Werther’s 6-foot-diameter candy bowl will pop up near the Times Square subway entrance. Caramel lovers are encouraged to BYOB (bring your own (candy) bowl), but even those who show up sans bowl will be rewarded with caramel treats.

Today I am wrapping a sea salt caramel travel candle from Zen Moments Candles. This is a cracker of a candle scent. The fabulous jar is a bit of an odd shape, but nothing a little box  wrapped in white gloss won’t fix. I tied it with a scrumptious big caramel striped grosgrain ribbon but I need to put to you, do you know how hard it is to find a caramel coloured ribbon – not wishy washy brown or sad gold but actual caramel coloured ribbon that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to use.

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