An ostentation of peacocks

There’s a lot happening on today 7 April. It’s International Health Day but perversely National Beer Day in the US. It’s Russell Crowe’s 51 st birthday as well as the symbolic birth date of the internet with publication RFC1. Both momentous events. But today I saw this beautiful peacock paper and I just decided that today would be all about the peacock.

Now let’s get this right from the get go. A peacock is a male peafowl with a crested head and  large fan like tail – often more than a metre in length -marked with iridescent eyes or spots.  Peacocks are always male. The female is known as a peahen who are always a dowdy brown in colour. The peacock uses its tail to attract a mate.

In addition to wrapping my gift in the peacock paper, I spent quite a deal of time researching the peacock. Ahhhh…. so much religious and historical symbolism, so little clarity. But I did learn that peacock feathers are considered to be unlucky by some because of the ‘evil’ eye on the feather. The peacock is often used as a symbol of vanity due to its beauty and the way he displays his tail feathers – well we all know men like that. So it seems fitting that the collective noun for a group of peacocks is a muster, an ostentation or a pride.

There’s also quite a bit around about seeing a peacock in a dream which is said to be a symbol of spring, birth, new growth, or a good omen, signalling prestige, contentment with your career, confidence and even arrogance. Well I’ll keep that in mind next time I dream of a peacock.

My wrap today is all about the paper and its flourishes of gold. A floaty ribbon ties it all together with a few possibilities of a gift tag for you to consider. My mother saw this paper and loved it but then she always did like a good blue green and has come across a few ostentations in her day..


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