It is submitted that 12 April is International Be Kind to Lawyers Day.  And goodness knows they need this day because lawyers have a bit of an image problem. They’re the object of some derision…..until you need a good  one.

Roy Morgan’s annual Image of Professions survey for 2015 shows Nurses at 92% are leading the way as Australia’s most respected profession for very high or high ‘ethics and honesty’.  Lawyers come in at number 15 of respected professions out of a list of 30. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Those professions losing ground since the latest survey are Bank Managers 34% (down 9%), Accountants 45% (down 7%) – their lowest rating for over a decade since 2002, Lawyers 31% (down 7%) and Financial Planners 24% (down 4%) at their lowest ever rating for very high or high ‘ethics and honesty’ following a series of scandals in the industry.
Morgan reported that State MPs 14% (up 2%) are only marginally favoured ahead of Federal MPs 13% (up 1%), but at least both are in front Insurance Brokers 11% (down 5%), Real Estate Agents 9% (unchanged),Advertising people 5% (down 3%). Right at the bottom of the heap – Car Salesmen 4% (up 1%) – a position they have held for over 30 years unchallenged as Australia’s least trusted profession.
I know a lot of lawyers. Lawyers have feelings too – allegedly. My husband is a lawyer. So this wrap is for him. I tried wrapping a gift in paper from a legal pad. Not a winner. So I went for a wrap featuring double sided paper in rich chocolate brown and gold which I was just taught how to do. I have pleated the paper and topped it off with a rosette. I would not normally do that embellishment for him as he is a no frills guy but I like the look here. Product warning: folding paper into pleats is a bit of an art form that will take a while to get precise and just right – so make sure you are not charging for it in six minute increments.

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