A double sided head start

I have, I trust you notice, today resisted the May the Fourth be with You Star Wars wrapping pun… I absolutely loved it the first time I heard it but after the thousandth recitation I think it is time for something fresh. No, today 4 May I am wrapping Mother’s Day gifts for my Mum and my friends’ mums and friends of  friends’ mums. Well any deserving mum in my network

I am fortunate that my mum would like absolutely anything I give her. She still has the pasta necklace I made her for Mother’s Day in kindergarten though the ravages of time mean it is largely now a piece of string. She also likes all of my wraps. Every single one. She especially loves double sided or reversible wrapping paper. She didn’t quite understand it as first but now she takes extra pleasure in discovering the pattern on the inside as well as the outer side of the wrapping.

The patterns on each side of the double sided paper are seemingly quite different  – florals one side with spots or checks or swirls on the other. Because the colours are complementary, both sides of the paper are destined to be together.

More than once have I heard the comment – why do you need a pattern on the back of the wrapping paper if it is on the inside and you are never going to see it? My answer…because it adds an element of surprise (the one my mother cherishes) when you unwrap the gift.

But you can also use double sided paper as a design element.  You can fold the edge of the paper over to create a belli band featuring the flip side. You can cut the paper in half, flip one side and tape back together for a clever look with the pesky seam concealed by a ribbon. You can even wrap a stack of presents – and you know how fond I am of the stack when there is more than one present for a special someone- in alternating sides of the print, pile them up and tie them together with ribbon, twine or raffia.

I have chosen a navy and white pattern with a flip side of bright green. I scoff at the old adage that blue and green should never be seen….so take that blue/green doubters. This stack of gifts shows five different ways reversible paper can reveal a secret pop of colour.




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