Cute as a button

Buttons and beads are on my mind today 5 May. I simply cannot wait for Count Your Buttons Day on 21 October or Button Day itself  founded by The National Button Society in 1938 as a celebration for all who enjoyed collecting and crafting with buttons. No…I came across a wonderful button and bead store today and I have thought of nothing but button and bead  wraps ever since.

Incorporating buttons and beads in a wrap is nothing new. I am not suggesting it is. But the sheer range of buttons and beads now available is putting them in the drivers seat as the go to embellishment.

The history of buttons is fascinating. As long as there have been clothes there have been buttons, which evolved over time past functionality to a fashion item that spoke to both status and style. If you want a good overview of the history of buttons, I recommend a brief history of buttons by Sewing Mantra. Buttons have been for a very long time quite the thing.

I am going to make a concerted effort to incorporate more buttons and beads and now I have tracked down my 30 gauge florists wire to thread through them, there really is no excuse. I am going to play with buttons large and small, bright or pastel, plain, pearl or bling. One of my favourite reference sites as I begin this button journey is Wrappily the chic eco wrapping company, whose work appears below. Their blog on buttons is an inspiration. As my daughter would say – use it as Inspo Mum. This wrap really is as cute as a button and sets the standard for my button wrapping to come.

Button gift Wrap Wrapperly


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