Ari man

Today 6 May is the fourth birthday of a lovely little man called Ari. He was looking forward to his birthday so much that he got up at 3.00am to open his presents. This meant everyone else in the house was up at 3.00am as well. And thus a day full of celebrations commenced. Racing car track along with a pile of other early morning presents – tick, chocolate cake – tick, more cake at kindergarten  – tick, a session at Laser Force with bestie – tick, more presents and another cake with grandparents – tick. Fall asleep on couch – tick. A great day had by all.

I do love wrapping children’s presents even though I am thoroughly aware that the wrapping, so lovingly executed is ripped off in seconds. Choosing a gift and wrapping it gives me plenty of time to think about the little recipient and how they have grown up so much since last birthday. Just where did the last year go?

The Ari wrap draws on my love of chalkboard wrapping , which besides being striking, is also highly personalised. I have had a few people who are a little luke warm on black wrapping paper for children but I don’t see it that way. The blackboard provides endless opportunities for patterns, graphics and messages. I bought Ari a number of little relatively inexpensive things and then wrapped each separately. Out came my trusted white uniball pen and out came the patterns and messages. There’s the word Ari on the bunting packet, a big four hero reference, the letter A at the bottom of the cake stand chalkboard and a best wishes chalkboard with lots of chalkboard candles.

When too many candles, too much cake or too much chalkboard is never enough! Happy birthday Ari Man




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