One of the lovely things about The Daily Wrap, besides getting to wrap every day, is the ability to work with fabulous paper. So today 11 May I am in Sydney checking out the best of the best paper suppliers before presenting a workshop tonight.

That is how I came to be standing in the showroom of Vandoros in Artarmon with my younger sister surrounded by beautiful papers and ridiculously lovely ribbons. I love choosing papers but there’s just a hint of pressure when the paper is purchased from a wholesaler. If you cool off on a pattern you are left with oodles of it. But I doubt I would ever tire of the patterns at Vandoros as they are so cleverly chosen offering a range from the traditional to the on trend without ever overstepping either ends of the continuum. It’s a family run business and they know what they’re doing for sure because everything is so well considered and the staff are fabulous. We were served by Jane Vandoros  who never fails to impress with her retail knowledge and elegant approachability.  No wonder the stylists love this place.

We chose three fabulous patterns – a pink and copper dot, an aqua and gold dot and a fabulous blue and gold pattern called opulence. Of course every paper must have a ribbon to match so we chose a yummy copper mesh, a tiffany blueish grosgrain and a stylish navy, also grosgrain.

Choosing a ribbon to match the coppers and golds in the patterns is actually harder than you might think, especially the golds as not all gold ribbons are created equal. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a caramel or mustard look when you were really after a metallic gold leaf.

As soon as we got back to my sister’s house, she asked me to wrap some gifts. One was for her dear friend Maggie. Here’s the big question… Is Maggie a gold dot, copper dot or navy opulence? Opulence it was… so here it is. An opulent look for Maggie.

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