Black dotties

Today 14 April is all about birthday parties for little people which always, it seems to me, come in waves. I am not a huge fan of buying different wrap for every single occasion – too much time and too much waste. So I have a couple of go to pattern and I personalise or match the occasion with the embellishment.

The black dottie is one of my favourite wrap because you can use it for absolutely everything. And before some of you become hysterical and question it’s suitability for a little girl..I say two things. Firstly, who says girls can’t do black dotties and two, who says you can’t get a look you like with an infusion of a fluoro pop colour. I live this combo of hot pink and black and love it even more matched with a fluoro birthday card.

I think some of the pop of comes from the width of the ribbon. Any thinner and it would not sit as well with the square shape of the gift. I am putting a fair bit of thought into ribbon proportions, because, even if it is not immediately obvious, ribbon width is a silent hero in making a gift wrap really work.

According to the gang at Offray Ribbons, who brand themselves the world’s most beautiful ribbons (big call) ribbon choice is about four things: the material or fibre from which a ribbon is made, the weave which will largely determine the ribbon’s  uses, whether or not it is a wired edged and the most suitable width. I must say I do like their ribbon glossary although I suspect it would be a rather small pool of people who would share my joy.

The problem, or should I say challenge, is that ribbon widths are often quoted in imperial measurements which is not so good for we metric majority. The  3/8” – 5/8” ribbons are known as “trim ribbon” or “narrows” so I get they’re best for trimming, 7/8” – 1” – 1½ inch are popular for embellishing gifts and creating multi-width bows, 2” – 2 ½” are most popular widths for home décor, including wreaths and garland, while 4” and above are used for bow making, garland mantles, wreaths, chair ties, gift wrapping and  floral designs.

The fluoro pink ribbon on my black dottie wrap is 1½ inches or 4cm wide. I think it looks generous. Off to practise my imperial to metric conversions.

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