Reversible 2.0

Today 19 May I am again wrapping with reversible paper. This follows on from a. my obsession with reversible or double sided paper  b. my fondness for using blue and green together and c. truly believing that you can never have too many spots in your life.

I love looking at all the different and often seemingly contradictory patterns of double sided paper. There’s just a certain eye you have to have to make it work. I am seeing a lot more double sided paper available in retail outlets but mostly in poster size sheet wraps rather than rolls. This is not necessarily a problem but if you are not disciplined, it can really add up. While out and about browsing today (it is, after all my job…) I double sided drooled over Etsy’s EvaenAnne, Bowral based Bespoke Letterpress and a cute little collection, particularly the yummy Fairy Floss pattern from Brisbane based Blushing Confetti.

double sided 1
Double sided wrapping from EvaenAnne. Love the attention to detail on the wrap itself – no sticky tape or cut edges showing here!
Scrumptious double sided paper from Bespoke Letterpress. Loads of ways to combine these lovely patterns for different effects.
Blushing Confetti’s Fairy Floss features stripes (which I include to show I am not stripist) and a splashed paint look. Too cute.

Reversible paper is also a very clever get out of jail free card if you miscut or misjudge your measurements (which even expert wrappers do from time to time). You take the piece that is too small, fold under along the connecting edge and tape it using double sided tape to another piece of the paper showcasing the reverse side. As a wise person once said to me, if you muck something up either fix it or feature it. And using this method, you can feature the double sided paper as if you truly ruly meant it.

The amount of really fabulous reversible paper continues to grow exponentially. Which means that a. Blog Post Reversible 3.0 is not too far away b. you will be green with envy at all the possibilities and c.more spots and more dots all round.


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