Collage at large

Today 25 May it’s all about collage. Collage gift wrapping paper? Now there’s a thought. And, if I might modestly say, it’s a good thought because there are some very talented Collage artists out there.

But first some Collage context. According to A Brief History of Collage Collage gets its name from the French word for glue, and describes a broad range of art-making techniques that rely on re-appropriating previously made images and found materials into new compositions. Some skeptics in the past considered collage a “lesser” form of art than painting and sculpture, but its role as a tool of the avant garde in the 20th century is impossible to ignore. So we won’t.

I am currently loving the work of Australian designer, illustrator and creative director Laura Blythman who is renowned for her vibrant use of colour and paper collage. Her work is joyful, distinctive, gorgeously colourful and  and decidedly different in a world where sometimes wrapping paper, no matter the gsm, starts to look a bit derivative.

Laura Blythman print 2

Laura has a pretty impressive list of clients and is the collaboration queen. Her clients include the  National Gallery of Victoria (where she did a workshop as part of the Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei exhibition), Boomf (the marshmallow empire founded by Royal in law James Middleton), Rollie Shoes, Galison / Mudpuppy, Frankie Magazine, Land of nod, Such Great Heights, Typo, Lark, Mr.Wolf Kids, Cotton On Kids andT2 teas. Now there’s a brand list for ya.


Laura Blythman print 1


I first came across Laura at The Paper Empire in Melbourne. I should declare The Paper Empire was founded by my daughter Emily and she is very particular about what she will stock. I have made a few suggestions as to things Emily might like to think about to feed my gift wrapping habit but they have been met with stony silence. So I have to wait like everyone else to see what clever new designs and stock she has found. And then the day came that I saw beautiful prints and partyware by Laura Blythman and I was hooked. I started following Laura who announced she was releasing a range of gift wrapping paper. P-L-E-A-E I said to my daughter…..PLEASE can I have some sheets of Laura Blythman paper. And in a world first, Emily ordered it in and it has flown off the shelves. There are gift tags now too. I am not surprised. I bet people are framing it as a clever decorator touch.

Laura Blythman wrapping paper

My wrap today uses Laura Blythman wrapping paper. I chose not to use the gift tags in the same pattern because to me it was a bit matchy matchy and I am trying to fight my inner matchy matchy. I will use the gift tags in the near future but with some plain paper when then they can do all the heavy lifting. So I used a plain blue tags and some coloured twines instead. I was careful not to use too many different materials otherwise I would have ended up with my very own collage.

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