Top Ten Looks One Year In

How time flies when you’re having fun!! It’s been 365 days since I decided to wrap a gift every day for a year, each one to a daily theme. My aim was to explore the world of wrapping with different looks, techniques, papers and embellishments. It was all about trying new things and to push the boundaries just a little.Trying styles that weren’t my natural thing.

We all have our own views on what looks fabulous just as we each have our own aesthetic. I do love the wrap of 11 May 2016  Opulence.


But my task was to go back over 365 wraps to identify my top ten looks – distinctly different ways of wrapping that struck a chord with me and the my followers on social media. So… in no particular order, here are my Top Ten Looks One Year In…cue drum roll…..

  1. Stacks of Marvellous Marble

Marble Final

My post “Under Pressure” on 19 March 2016 features three top looks – paper choice, placing gifts in a stack and the flat knot. This wrap’s popularity  is tied to the timeless sophisticated look of the marbled patterned paper. No wonder marble is way in at the moment. The second feature is wrapping if you have more than one gift for the same recipient.  Wrap the gifts separately and stack them for an abundant look.  The final touch is a the flat knot – a wonderful alternative to a full bow, which for some occasions and recipients can be too flouncy. The knot sits beautifully flat, which makes it a great option for posting.

2. Precision Pleating


My post “All That Jazz”of 30 April 2016 features two looks that take a little more time to produce but are so worth it. I am talking about pleating and paper rosettes. The pleated look says precision and is particularly suited to a gift being given in a professional or corporate setting. The rosette adds texture and layers and can also carry a special meaning through paper selection. For example the sheet music could be of the recipients favourite song.

3. A gift on a gift


My post “Shakespeare in Love” of 28 November 2015 featured another of my favourite looks – including another little gift as part of the wrapping. I used these two beautiful Christmas decorations to embellish a gift and it popped. They add three dimension and a quirky touch.

4. Chiming in with Chalkboard.

chalkboard teacher

My post “Apple for the Teacher” dated 5 October 2015 showcases the chalkboard look. I love wrapping with black paper. Far from being sombre it is actually a wonderful canvas on which to write personal messages and symbols for absolutely any occasion. And because the chalkboard writing isn’t meant to be perfect, you have plenty of leeway to inject your own writing style. Trust me, gifts wrapped in the chalkboard style stand out at a party.

5. A Living Touch


My post “Lest We Forget” of 25 April 2016 incorporated some fragrant fresh greenery – in this case Rosemary – against the natural colours of kraft paper and red accented ribbon. Using fresh greenery, herbs, spices or flowers is a delightful touch for a gift that is ready to be given immediately. There a plenty of beautiful everlasting flowers and greenery which work just as well and have a longer shelf life.6. An Entertaining Wrap

6. The Entertainer’s Wrap

rosemary cranberry sparklers final

My post” Cocktail Wrap” of 12 December 2015 showcased wrapping your glassware for a standout look. You can see a bit of a rosemary theme emerging in my wrapping life – but it is the placement of the rosemary married with the shape of the glass, the colour of the beverage and the colour of the straw that worked for a festive feel. Yes, wrapping is all about combinations.These glasses formed a stunning display, diminishing the need for other decoration.

7. Tag You’re It

Sqaure dance

My post “Checking in on Your Partner” of 29 November 2015 showed the power of a statement gift tag. Yes…that’s right you can have statement jewellry, statement handbags, statement shoes and in my world you can have statement gift tags. This look relies on balance – so the gift paper and statement gift tag are not competing against one another. So go for a plain or uniformly patterned paper and then ramp it up with a quirkily shaped gift tag – in this case Pinchy the lobster gift tag.

8. Mark the Occasion

finn close

My Post of “Finn’s Day”of 21 June 2015 showcased creating a special one off look for a special one off family occasion. The love put into the wrapping is a gift in its own right. In this case, it was the Christening of Dear Little Finn. So a brief was taken – what colours does Finn like? What colours describe his personality? Is Finn dots or stripes or checks or paisley? How can the date  be featured? It was a lovely talking point at the Christening.9. Map your Wrap

9. Ephemera Mania

THailand golden palace

My Post “Golden Palace”  of 10 January 2016 showed how to use environmental print and ephemera to create a special gift full of meaning. The gift is a site plan of the Golden Palace In Bangkok but this technique can also utilise city maps, railway maps,instructions or diagrams. Wrap a gift in  environmental print from the place where it was purchased and you have a special memento for little cost while recycling paper that may otherwise be discarded. Win/Win/Win. I also like that this gift is clothing, so it brings with it all the joys of wrapping an object without form.

10.Champagne Wrap

bottle wrap

My post “What A Bottler” dated 10 March 2016 showcased the fullsome bottle wrap.  I am not at all a fan of the pre-purchased bottle shop gift bag – though I appreciate time is sometimes of the essence. If you’ve chosen  a decent wine, then there should be a decent wrap – one that incorporates the cheeky technique of adding in volume above the ribbon to add major pizzazz.

So Cheers to the Daily Wrap

Seems fitting that we finish with a champagne wrap, because a few quiet toasts are in order and I am a girl who doesn’t mind a few cheeky toasts. 365 days of wrapping and agonising over ribbon and photography and flat lays and twine and tissue and cellophane and learning to style and trying to hide the creative mess of  365 gifts from my husband, which given we have just downsized into an apartment is a bit of a stretch goal. Still so much to learn and so much to share. Here’s to the next 365 days, when I will be asking you to send me your specially themed daily wrap in all its glory and with all its special meaning and stories.




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